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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Surley Long Haul Trucker

A touring bike’s job is to go the distance and then some, in relative comfort, while carrying you and your gear. The Long Haul Trucker was designed in all aspects to get you and your stuff to…wherever. Its low bottom bracket and long chainstays provide comfort and stability, and those long stays increase heel clearance when carrying packed panniers. We gave it ample tire clearance for larger tires (larger tires soak up a lot of road static) with room for fenders too. The frame’s tubing is thicker-walled and larger-diameter than standard road and sport-touring frames, and this pre-tunes it for the weight of cargo. And it’s got braze-ons for everything you’re likely to need, from racks to water bottle cages to spare spokes.

Like all our frames, it’s made of cromoly steel. We like steel for a lot of reasons. Foremost among them is the ride quality a well designed steel frame delivers. It doesn’t hurt that steel is relatively inexpensive, or that it is more easily repaired than aluminum, carbon fiber, or titanium. You’ll probably never need to have the frame repaired, but if you do you’re more likely to find someone who can weld steel than someone who can weld ti or aluminum. Repair carbon fiber? Good luck with that.

We offer the LHT as a frameset or as a complete bike. The ‘Trucker is available in a 26” wheel size across the size run, with an option for 700c in 56, 58, 60, and 62cm sizes. Some people prefer the larger diameter 700c, and that’s cool. 26" is a more popular size around the world, however, so you’ll more easily be able to find replacement tubes, tires, and rims should the need arise. Smaller wheels are also stronger than their 700c counterparts, so they’ll stand up better to rough roads and heavy loads.

The LHT complete is set up with quality parts meant for the purpose of this bike. Add racks, fenders, pedals, and bags and then, well… go someplace.

MSRP $1095
Largest Size: Top Tube: 601 Head Tube: 211 Stand Over: 866

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