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Friday, December 10, 2010

Marin Point Reyes 29er

It does not have drop bars but it does fit nicely between the Fargo and all the rest so I am listing it here just so people can see the product.

URBAN Series : The Marin Urban series may be the most versatile bikes on the block. Mountain bike tough, but designed for an asphalt world. Available with 26" or 29" wheels to suite every rider's needs with durable frames in both aluminum and cromoly that boast ample tire clearance for street or mountain tread tires. Durable wheels and componentry allow riders to jump curbs during the week and explore backroads and trails on the weekend.

MSRP $999

Largest size: Top tube: 630 Head Tube: 165 Stand Over: ?

1 comment:

Dave The Wave said...

wow with 19 bikes in this poll i find it really hard to believe that the LHT has the most votes,granted it is a good bike for touring BUT i dont think its all that.