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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Motobecane Gran Turismo

There are only a few good choices when buying a high grade touring bike
Windsor Tourist, Trek 520, Motobecane Gran Turismo, Co-Motion Nor'Wester, Rivendell Atlantis, and so on. These bikes are all high grade touring specific bikes that have many features in common - including price tags well over $1200.

You can do whatever you want with a Motobecane Gran Turismo, but if you're anything like the guys at Motobecane, you're gonna want to travel unfamiliar blue-line highways on this bicycle. Maybe ride it to your reunion.

Motobecane's product engineers designed this bike for comfortable loaded touring. The angles of the butted, cro-moly frame are relaxed for stability, the wheelbase is long, the clearances around the wheels sufficient for fat, sturdy tires and fenders.

MSRP $699
Largest Size: Top Tube: 589 Head Tube: 165 Stand Over: 861


Anonymous said...

Either this web site is owned by are they lifted the descripton they used for this bike directly from this site. Which is it?

D. Alan Nash said...

this site is for information only hence it is lifted from the bikes direct site, as is any other description.

Anonymous said...

Here's some straight dope. Motobecane USA (no relation to the now-defunct French manufacturer, other than that they bought the name) orders mass-produced frames from Taiwan and China, and builds them up with reasonably decent component groups ad really decent prices. You can run into issues, though, like a carelessly wrenched headset that damages the bearing races. The headset issued with the bike is a 1-inch threaded headset. If you have to work on it, you'll probably have to order the tools. I couldn't find a bike shop in NYC that stocked the wrenches necessary to disassemble/inspect/adjust the headset. I am learning a lot, though, about making race pullers/presses from cheap hardware. (Commercial pullers and presses will cost you $$$.)